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  Homespun Haven Studio 

 November 12  10:00 to 3 pm  - Handspinning for Beginners

       Have you ever wished you could spin your own yarns for knitting, or crochet, or weaving?  This one day workshop will get you started.  We begin with the basics and you get hands-on experience on a spinning wheel.  The $65.00 class fee includes use of the spinning wheel and all the fibres you will use in class.  


November 24, 2016- 10:00 to 3 pm.  - Learn to Weave

      This one day workshop will give you a chance to weave on a variety of small weaving looms - from the very basic styles to working on a 4 or 8 shaft table loom.  You will learn to understand reading pattern drafts, how to keep your edges straight, control tension etc and go home with the samples you have woven.  The $65.00 fee includes use of the weaving loom and all the yarns you will use in class.


November 19 10:00 to 3 pm  - Felting for Beginners

     This workshop will get you started in the wonderful world of felting.  In the class you will make a merino wool & silk scarf to learn the techniques of wet felting.  In the afternon you will try you hand at dry felting (needle felting).  The class fee of $65.00 includes all the materials you need and you will take your projects home with you at the end of a fun day of felting.