WORKSHOPS Transparency Weaving

Transparency Weaving

  • Beginner weavers can enjoy creating transparent decorative textiles
  • Design elements for inlaid patterns
  • Transparencies can be handwoven on very basic looms - only 2 sheds needed.

In this technique colorful threads are inlaid during the weaving of a fine linen, plain weave web creating a web of gauzy fabric containing a pictorial or graphic image. The resulting weavings make wonderful privacy screens when hung in the window. Daylight pouring through window from outside reveals a silhouette of the inlaid image, while at night the houselights illuminate the colors of the inlaid threads to reveal a "faux tapestry" effect.

We will also be creating samples ideal for a patterned, gossamer scarf. This technique is simple enough for beginners with a 2 or 4 harness loom but can become increasingly challenging as you develop your skills, and can produce stunning effects.