WORKSHOPS Fashion Fabrics

Fashion Fabrics from your LoomDSCF0525 -_Copy_1024x768

Take your weaving beyond the Tea Towel.

  • ¬†Weave a variety of samples for handwoven fashion fabrics
  • 4-harness and 8-harness structures included
  • Sewing with handwoven fabrics discussed
  • Finishing techniques for your projects

The term Fashion Fabrics applies to all fabrics that "show" on a finished garments, upholstery, household linens or draperies. This two day, round-robin style workshop will guide you through weaving a number of unique fabrics - from deceptively easy to very impressive, in both 4 and 8 harness weave structures.

You will gain a thorough understanding of how basic 4-harness weave structures can be compounded to create unique 8-harness weaves, how to add 4-sided borders to your project, etc.

We will also cover finishing your fabrics, pitfalls to avoid, how to make up simple woven shapes into comfortable, wearable garments. Tips and techniques for cutting and sewing garments with your handwoven fabrics will also be discussed along with an assortment of finishing techniques to add style to your handwoven creations.